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Customizing Your Email Signature

Here is a quick guide on what all you can customize in your Next Email Signature. You don’t have to use every element (marked optional below) if you do not want to. If you have questions about customizing your order contact our support team after ordering. 

Gmail email signature preview

Pick the Right Colors - Hex Code Required

You can customize the color of your signature to match your branding or personal preference. We use HEX color codes to change colors. You can use this free tool to find the color code you want in your signature. 

HTML Color Picker 

If you have an image and need to find colors this tool can help you find it. 

Pick Color From Image


If your signature includes a head-shot then you can customize your signature with a square or round head shot. 

Don’t have a great headshot? We can generate an Ai version in a business setting of your choice. Contact us for more details. 


We use a handwritten font for any signature that includes a signature as part of the design. If you want to use your own signature please contact us after ordering to get details on approved formats. 

Name, Title (optional: Professional Certifications & Degrees)

You will be asked for the name and title you want on your signature. If you want to also have any professional distinctions, certifications or degrees added please include those. Please note that there is a limited space if you have a long name and want titles and degrees may run out of space. We will do our best to include all, but may not be able to use everything. 

Contact details - Phone, Email, Address, Website

Please add the phone numbers, you don’t have to use both office and mobile. You can include an address and email address. Email address is optional since you will probably be using it with your email! 🙂 

Social Media Icons (optional) & Professional Sites

Your signature can have up to 5 social media links that you want designed in. You can also use professional websites that you use to promote your business and work. For example Airbnb, Houzz, Zillow, Github, Yelp and Google Reviews can also be used. If you don’t see a logo please contact us or ask after you order and we will integrate. 

Professional Logos (optional)

Some signatures have spaces for professional certifications and memberships to be included in. This is optional. Please note that you must have the logos you want for your signature. Our designers will not have time to source and customize professional logos. 

Business logo

Your logo on all signatures will have a dedicated location and size. Your logo should be in the color and style that you want to have in your signature. If not, don’t worry our designers can modify the logo (for an additional charge). 

Banner Button (optional)

If your signature has buttons – you can use both or only one. The buttons should have a brief call to action that is easy to understand. For example – “See Our Latest Collection”, “Visit My Listings”, “Free Guide on Getting Loan”, “We’re Hiring – See Open Positions” are some examples. 

Every Design is Spam Tested

25+ Tests Ensure your Signature won't end up in the spam folder!

Customize Every Design: Colors, Links, Logos, Etc.

Pick the colors for your signature, icons and logos.

Multi-Language Option

Get your signature in any language.

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