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Add a Next Email Signature to iOS iPhone and iPad

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide

1. Step One

Open your supplied HTML file in your browser app. (NOTE: Do not open your email signature in your mail app, you must open it in your web browser app.)

2. Step Two

Tap on the email signature and hold down. A tooltip will open with formatting options, select Select All.

Once the signature is selected, select Copy.

3. Step Three

Go to Settings and tap Mail, then scroll down and select Signature.

4. Step Four

Select either All Accounts or Per Account, whatever is preferred, then tap and hold in the field below. Select the Paste option to insert your copied email signature.

5. Step Five

You will notice that your email signature isn’t quite displaying correctly. Shake your device side to side until a text box opens prompting to undo changes. Tap Undo and you’ll see your signature’s formatting is corrected and displays as intended.

6. Step Six

Close out of your settings and compose a new email. You should see that your email signature is automatically added to the end of your email.


Video on adding your email signature to Apple Mail for iPhone and Ipad.


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