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How to: Best Headshot Photographs

I was asked to take some photos in work for peoples headshots and LinkedIn profiles etc – I’ve done it a few times now and I’ve got a proper lighting setup, but I’m not happy with the results and I need some help.

jLXvRAZSetup: – I’ve got two Elinchrom lights and a flash at the rear on slave to give a white background. Seems to work but the lighting looks a little flat. Also, being Irish we all have very white skin, pasty and even red – so naturally most people seem to not like their photo. I dont want to post the link publicly but pm me if you want to see examples. Now I’m no pro but I’d love to be able to take photos that they are impressed with.

However, I’m hoping there is something i can do with processing. I know personally I always use an instagram filter on my selfies/photos which makes my skin look far far better. Can anyone recommend a preset I can use in lightroom for these headshots?

Any advice or tips very much appreciated. Thanks

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